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Focus On Life Radio Mission:

To affirm the intrinsic value of all human life!

New time: Airs on WXJC (850 AM & 92.5 FM) Birmingham, Alabama, every Sunday at 6:30 AM Central!

Focus on Life is designed to provide a platform for the “people of life” to have a voice that will AFFIRM the Value of Human life, specifically because we are made in the image and likeness of God (Genesis 1:27)

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You will hear local and national Pro-life individuals and leaders tell their stories of how they got involved in the pro-life movement and how God touched their mind and heart forever changing the course of their lives. You will also learn about the various groups, organizations and ministries working to defend the dignity of human life. We must all equip ourselves to speak the truth in love to the men and women in our lives and around the world.

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