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Depending on your Internet Connection, please allow at least 30 seconds for the media player and stream to load.

Thank you for choosing to listen to WXJC online! This station is utilizing Liquid Compass (www.liquidcompass.net), a national streaming services company to broadcast its signal to the Internet. During the broadcast, you may notice periods of intermittent interruptions, or silence, which is normal. These periods of silence are covering local on-air commercials, which we are not allowed to broadcast over the internet. Please be assured that you have not lost the stream, as the broadcast should resume after the commercial set is over (commercial sets vary from two to five minutes long).

This new and improved streaming media service supports PC, MAC and Linux users! To ensure that that you are able to fully enjoy this steam, please make sure that your computer has the latest free and computer safe Microsoft Silverlight.

Microsoft Silverlight is a next generation enhanced media player that is cross-browser, cross-platform compatible that works on MAC, or Windows. With Silverlight, you will experience a platform that is more effective to deliver audio/video streams to ANY BROWSER while also receiving artist and title information and better audio/video reliability.

Alternativately, you may still listen to this stream using Windows Media Player, however enhanced features that are available with Silverlight are not available with Windows Media Player.

If you do not have Microsoft Silverlight please click on the following link that will redirect you to the Microsoft download center:

Install Microsoft Silverlight

Once you have been redirected, follow the instructions to install the Microsoft Silverlight that is compliant with your system. Once installed, Microsoft Silverlight includes automatic updates that will prevent you from having to reinstall it when new versions are released.

Common issues not allowing you to access the stream:

Pop-Up Blocker:

If you are unable to launch this station's media player after clicking on the listen link, and you receive the following error displayed below, please mouse over the error message and select "Always Allow Pop-ups from This Site". As a shortcut, you may also hold down your CTRL key and click on the listen link to launch the player.

If you cannot hear the stream, or other streams using Microsoft Silverlight or Windows Media Player, please turn off your virus protection software, and try to reconnect. If you are able to connect after turning off your virus protection, you may need to disable your pop up blocker and ensure that web plug-ins are allowed, or add the web page's URL to your trusted sites section. Please consult your virus program's help files for these configurations.

If your system is behind a firewall (typical at an office network), please contact your network administrator to open up your firewall to allow your system to access this stream via port 80 or verify that they allow streaming media to be played over the network.

* For the best listening experience, please be sure you have the Microsoft Silverlight plugin installed.
* Silverlight is compatible with all major W3C compliant browsers operating on PC or Mac.
* For enhanced features, please be sure you also have Adobe Flash player 7 or higher installed:


By using Windows Media on a platform other than Internet Explorer for PC, you automatically lose player features.

NETSCAPE USERS (6.0 and 6.1) - please use Windows Media Player 9 and above, and use the controls on your computer to adjust the volume. (NETSCAPE 7.1 is not longer supported)

MAC USERS (OS 9.1 and OSX Jaguar) - please download Windows Media player 9 or greater for your operating system, then download and install Windows Media Components for Quicktime / "Flip4Mac" plug-in. Restart your browser use Internet Explorer for Macintosh, and use your volume controls on your computer to adjust the volume.

LINUX USERS - download and install both MPlayer (MPlayer-0.90) and the Mozilla MPlayer plugin (MPlayerplug-in-0.95). If you still have difficulties listening, download and install the additional codecs that are located on the MPlayer home page.

If you are still having problems accessing this stream, please log onto www.liquidcompass.net, fill out a support ticket and a representative will assist you with any troubleshooting issues you might have to ensure that you are able to fully enjoy this station online!

Thanks for listening!