Alzeheimer’s Event Hearts of Hope Nov. 17th

Alzheimers Fundraisng Event Sponsored by United For Life Foundation to raise funds for Dementia Education and Research, Multiple ways to assist this worthy cause for life.

1- Raffle for 14kt Solid Gold Cufflinks with papal crest Valued at $3500 tickets only $25
2- The Club Dinner Reservations starting at $100 (includes 3 books retail value at $50
3- Direct Donations can be made on-line at

OctoberBaby Interview with Writer/Director/Producer Andrew Erwin Wed. Oct. 12

Special Pre-Release Showings Available these times and dates.

10/13/2011 Huntsville, AL Hollywood 18 7:00PM
10/13/2011 Gulf Shores, AL Pinnacle 14 7:00PM
10/13/2011 Southaven, MS TBA 7:00PM
10/13/2011 Meridian, MS Life Church 7:00PM
10/13/2011 Memphis, TN Hollywood 20 Cinemas 7:00PM


Courageous – Fatherhood Challenge Film

Feature film today Courageous – from the makers of Fireproof , great film about faith overcoming pornography addictions and the meaning of marriage commitment. Takes to the level of family interactions, previews with father and son conflict. Guest by phone Ben Davis Actor in the film.
Ben Davies plays the youngest member of the group of friends that work together as Sheriff’s Officers in COURAGEOUS. A college student/athlete at Samford University, Ben fits the role of rookie David Thomson, a former college basketball player. A high-school All American track athlete, an injury provided Ben with the time to film his first big-screen role.

Ben’s similarities to his character:
“Like David, I am a collegiate athlete who has dealt with temptations and challenges. We are both confident and never back down from a challenge. I also can relate to the character because I know if it was not for my relationship with Jesus and the support of some great Godly people, I would be one bad decision away from being David Thomson.” Dads

180 U turn

When is it alright to kill a baby in the womb of its mother?